Eric Rabinowitz

Creative developer based in New York, currently exploring how web technology can allow creator and audience to interact and collaborate.




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Phone booth installation in Montgomery, AL providing an inclusive, equitable opportunity for sharing, listening, and storytelling. Participants may use it at any time to tell their story, which is then uploaded to public archive featuring audio-reactive visualizations.



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Data visualization of artworks from the Marieluise Hessel Collection at CCS Bard and how they have been exhibited together over the years. A component of thesis exhibition by Natasha Matteson. Using machine learning, artworks are assigned 3d coordinates based on exhibition history.



Experimental audience interaction tool, where participants join a live experience from their phone’s web browser. Used as a series of concert visuals during the festival, with assets by Pablo Gnecco and Derek Bruno. Iterations of this project include a Space Invaders-style game that let players activate concert visuals, a drawing tool for Georgia State’s CMII Opening Day, and a multiplayer game for the Chemistry advertising agency.



Month-long experimental live-stream festival exhibiting artworks and performances by new media artists. Performances were live-streamed on custom platform, which included tools letting audience vote on direction of performance, send reaction stickers, or draw on collaborative canvases. Online gallery exhibited web-based digital artworks.



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Online visualization tool that encourages people to discover relationships between dozens of linear urban infrastructure reuse projects around the world. Created for Generator, a nonprofit studio cultivating ideas about the future of cities.



Typeset in Henriette from Typejockeys.

Built with open-source software from Next.js, React, TypeScript, Emotion, and TWGL. The website source code is on GitHub and was last updated April 27, 2021.