Eric Rabinowitz

I am a NYC-based developer & designer exploring how web technology can be used to collectivize experiences and intentions, or grant interactive control in normally one-sided performances.



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Storybooth is a phone booth in Montgomery, AL providing an inclusive, equitable opportunity for sharing, listening, and storytelling. Participants may use it at any time to tell their story, which is then uploaded to public archive for all to hear. Through the use of transcription and text analysis, a collective narrative picture will emerge offering a deeper understanding of our collective selves—of memory, of “place,” and of the love, pain, and hope that binds people together.

JS · C# · React · UWP · GC Speech · AWS Comprehend


A platform enabling artists and entrepreneurs to get more done by tapping into the networks around them. Knowd helps users quickly make and receive personal referrals by learning who is best matched to requested skills or opportunities.

JS · React · Redux · Twilio · AWS Lambda · OrientDB // Works in Progress

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Live-streamed and interactive co-working space that invites online participants into artists’ creative processes and performances.

JS · React · WebSockets



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Linelabs is an online visualization tool that encourages people to discover relationships between dozens of linear urban infrastructure reuse projects around the world. I am building this project for Generator, a nonprofit studio cultivating ideas about the future of cities.

JS · D3 · React


ScreenLinks in an experiment to create concert or event visuals that audiences can easily play with from their phone’s web browser and collectively share on a large screen. The project aimed to give audience members a more personal way to connect with and influence a performance by providing controls that could be used at any time. Iterations of this project include a Space Invaders-style game that let players activate concert visuals, a drawing tool for Georgia State’s CMII Opening Day, and a multiplayer game for the Chemistry advertising agency.

JS · THREE · GLSL · WebSockets

Bon Ton

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Quirky website for a restaurant. Design by Christopher Knowles.

Web Design

Bell Jar Logo

Try It

A webapp allowing a client to generate an always changing logo. Rules are designed by Christopher Knowles.



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ROMchip is an academic journal for the critical historical studies of games. The website was created with Streetcat.Media, using Open Journal Systems, a CMS for online journals.





Typeset in Henriette from Typejockeys.

Eric Rabinowitz built this website, in 2018, with React and Webpack. The code for this website is on GitHub.